I can't believe it's almost January already!  With that in mind, I'm putting out the call for January sponsors.  I would love love to have your buttons on my page, and my rates are pretty low.  I'm also looking into sponsoring with some much bigger blogs this month, which would increase traffic for all of us!  Here are my stats:

Facebook page (1000+ fans)
Twitter (600+ followers)
Plus many posts are also listed on my personal FB and twitter pages, my Google+ pages, and I'm often linking up with tons of other blogs.

I also do product reviews every Monday and occasional Tuesdays.  If you have a product, shop, blog or other item that you would like me to review for you, please contact me. 

January Prices:
All 175x175 slots are $10 for a button  AND a full-page write-up/interview of your blog or shop.
All 150x150 slots are $5 for a button and a group write-up.
150x150 sponsor buttons are free with sponsor swap or to anyone willing to provide an item for a giveaway. 

So if you're interested in seeing your pretty button over there to the right, please drop me a note!  Thanks all!


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