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I used to think I was an organized person.  Before kids, I generally had it all together.  I have a HUGE mom calendar on which I write every appointment for every member of my family.  In theory, I know what I'm supposed to do to keep a tidy, well run home.  In theory, I know what I need to do to make our crazy back-to-school mornings run smoothly.  Theory is one thing - practice is another.  I'm absolutely terrible at enforcing routines.  I'm always getting off schedule and having to rush out the door.  On my son's second day of preschool I totally forgot to bring his school bag and had to scrape together a change of clothes from things I found in the trunk (I'm so glad he wasn't wearing his swimsuit when I picked him up).  I make to-do lists, then lose them.  I have SO many things swimming around in my head all at once that I'm surprised I remember to wear shoes every day (yes - I have been known to get in the car and then realize I'm unshod). 

Here is what my morning should look like:

6:00 - wake up, bible study
6:15 - work out
6:45 - shower
7:00 - email and computer 'stuff'
7:30 - kids up and dressed
7:45 - breakfast
8:00 - dishes and play
8:30 - out the door to preschool

Here is what my mornings actually look like:
6:00 - hit snooze
6:15 - hit snooze
6:30 - hit snooze
6:45 - scramble out of bed and toss on clothes
7:00 - email, computer stuff, make to-do lists, find to-do lists, more email, more computer stuff
7:45 - kids up, breakfast on table, beg kids to get dressed
8:25 - beg kids to find shoes, put shoes on, get out door
8:40 - on the road, realize I've left lunch/school bags/my phone/my shoes in the house
9:00 - drop oldest son at school, try to remember what I was supposed to be doing while I was out

So - what are your best tips for making all those 'good ideas' reality.  How do you keep your family organized and on time?  What are your tricks for remembering, well, anything.  What's your best 'supermom' advice?   Or, do you have a similar story of 'I can't believe I left the house without....'?  Please feel free to share!  In the meantime, I'm busy redoing my filing system, utilizing my whiteboards, and crossing things off my jam-packed calendar.  Whew.  Surely I'll get it together soon, right?  Maybe by the end of the school year routines will be on my Stuff I Love list.  I can dream, eh?


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