This week I'm trying something a little different for recipe day.  This week
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
And the topic this week is Favorite Recipes.  Excited much?  Oh yeah.  And what better place to start than browsing my Pinterest  page.  Here are a few recipes I've pinned that I am dying to try.  A lot of them are gluten-free because that's how I need to eat - but they still look super duper delicious!
I have a birthday coming up in just over a week.  It's going to involve a HUGE homemade lasagna with homemade meat sauce, broccoli and garlic bread!  And this amazing Gorgonzola loaf looks pretty perfect to me!
And it just wouldn't be my birthday without a giant slice of chocolate cake.  This one looks to die for.  I have yet to figure out how to make layer cakes gluten-free without having them crumble on one side - but some day I will figure it out!
Talk about inspiring - this lady has chronicled and entire year's worth of crock-pot recipes -- and they're all different!  I can't wait to get (slow) cookin'!

Here are some more inspiring yummies.  I hope that you're excited to race to your kitchen now - I know I am!!


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