I don't really associate myself with the whole "green" movement.  I try my best to be eco-conscious, but frankly, I'm probably not very earth friendly.  When it comes to my kids, however, I am a stickler about chemicals.  I hate them.  I don't want to fill my kids with unnecessary junk for their little bodies to have to flush out.  I cloth diaper (most of the time) and use 'natural diapers' (most of the time) and even use cloth wipes sometimes.  My kids all drink from those stainless steel Kleen Kanteens (even the baby's sippy).  They eat their lunches out of stainless steel Lunchbots.  And I clean my house with vinegar.  Yes, all of it.  And no, we don't catch the flu or any other diseases any more often than most families.   So I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite "green" brands for you. 

1) Seventh Generation - from diapers to laundry soap to dishwashing detergent, I have loved almost everything I've bought from 7thgen.  The only product of theirs I haven't loved is their carpet spray.  Frankly, it doesn't work.  The stain doesn't come out at all.  And it's a little smelly.  However, the only carpet removers that have worked for us are Resolve (icky) and vinegar + baking soda + a TON of elbow grease.  The laundry detergent works wonders (and gets out smells even without perfumes) and the diapers are super heavy duty.  Overall one of my favorite eco-conscious companies.

2) Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day - The products smell yummy and work wonders.  Counters are sparkly, bathrooms are clean. Again, the carpet spray didn't work, but I don't think they even offer it anymore.  If I decided I were tired of my house smelling like pickles (hello vinegar), I might stock up on these cleaning products.  You know, if I weren't so darn cheap.

3) Bon Ami - ok, so this is a little more harsh, but still supposedly pretty non-toxic as far as scouring powder is concerned.  It's the only thing that gets my bathtubs clean.  I've tried baking powder.  I've tried vinegar soaks.  I've tried it all.  I'll stick with Bon Ami and a good long rinse.   And then lock it away in a high cupboard.  Even so, I do like that it's less harsh than, say, Comet and other scrubbers. 

4) Lunchbots and Kleen Kanteen - No, they aren't cheap, but I feel so much better about these BPA free, stainless steel cups and food containers.  They're portable, fair kid resistant (my kids have dropped their bottles all over and we've had no breakage yet) and dishwasher safe (let the Lunchbots air dry before putting them away to avoid rust).  I don't have to wonder "is this plastic really BPA free?"  or "what if they drop that glass bottle?"  Easy use, clean construction. 

5) Burt's Bees, Avalon Organics and Organic Wear - Organic face cleansers and makeup that actually work.  Unlike some organic makeup, Organic Wear shows up with just a thin layer and doesn't soak into my skin immediately.  And Burt's Bees and Avalon Organics keep my skin nice and clean and moisturized without exposing me to unnecessary chemicals.  Win win win.  If you don't like citrus scents, a lot of Burt's Bees items aren't for you.  But their product line is rapidly expanding and they are including other scents. 

Those are just a


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