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The Bento trend is a truly brilliant one.  My kids are notoriously picky eaters.  Not so much about what they eat as about how it's presented.  If I give them a plain plate full of fruit and cheese, they'll take two bites and get up from the table.  If I give them a fruit and cheese sculpture they will gobble the whole thing down.  Almost as effective as food art, are divided trays.  Something about portioning each food into its own little slot makes it so much more enticing to my children. 

And now that preschool and mom's day out are about to recommence, I've been wondering what on earth to do about my plastic baggie problem.  School rules insist that all food arrive in tidy and easy-to-open containers.  I had been sending everything doled out into individual plastic baggies.  But even though I'm not the "greenest" mama on the planet, I felt bad about all those baggies we were throwing away.  Not to mention all the money I was spending on baggies.  And the fact that mixing food and (potentially toxic) plastics is just icky to me. 

Along comes Lunchbots - the brilliant stainless steel, compartmentalized lunch and snack containers.  They are sturdy, so sandwiches don't get smashed.  They are stackable, so they fit perfectly in lunchboxes.  And they are super easy to clean in the dishwasher.  They are easy to open and come with one, two or three compartments (I bought one of each per child) making lunch easy to assemble and super fun to eat!  My kids always brought home leftovers from lunch - until I started sending along Lunchbots. 

The containers are very affordable, too (unlike the $60 bento box + carry cover I was originally eyeing) so if one gets left behind at school, it's not the end of the world.    Even better, I found mine on super sale at Pure Citizen

My kids love their Lunchbots and so do I :)
a site that offers deals on eco-friendly items while also making donations to charity.


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