I can't believe it's November already!  Where has 2011 gone?  And yet, somehow, I'm a little surprised it isn't Christmas already.  I think I was ready for Halloween in August, and on Halloween I was thinking about snow and presents already.  Whew.  Fortunately, I did remember to take the kids trick-or-treating and even squeezed in some ghostly cookie baking as well.
Yum yum!  Of course, my kids had more fun making those ghosts disappear than they did stirring them up.

All day the kids have been asking "go trick-or-treat?  get candy?"  This is only the second trick-or-treating experience for the boys (and very first for baby girl!) so they were still super excited - and needed lots of reminders to take only one piece of candy and to say "thank you" as they left.  Big Brother even took a cue from the homeowners and started shouting "Have fun!" as he left each house. 
Here are our little cowboy, lady bug and penguin - aren't they adorable?  Poor little brother got stuck in a hand-me-down costume, but he didn't seem to mind.  It was a warm enough day that he couldn't wait to get out of that hot suit, though (crazy, huh?  I hear some of you had snow storms tonight).  And I probably have the only kids on the planet who were excited that we were handing out raisins at our house.  Each of the boys got to pick 3 pieces of candy to eat tonight and the rest is going to work with Daddy in the morning (or, um, hiding somewhere secret just for Mommy).  I know, it's kinda mean, but the last thing my little boys need is more sugar in their diets to make them hyper - they have plenty of energy all on their own, thank you :)

So how was Halloween for you all?  What did your little ones dress as?  Were you able to make the rounds, or did you get snowed in?  What's the policy on candy in your household?  And remember - only 54 more shopping days till Christmas! (woah.  still need gifts?  I've got some cute stuff here ;)).


11/01/2011 11:03

Super cute kiddos! I agree with you (HIDE) the candy!! But mostly from me, already eaten way to much today ;)

11/01/2011 12:50

Cute halloween costumes !!

11/01/2011 19:43

My son was Woody and my daughter was a ladybug too! :)

11/02/2011 11:24

Yum, cookies look delicious ! ^^ Nice decoration, ohh and how lovely are those costumes ^^

My little brother wanted to have his own "Ghost party", but there wasn't enough time to invite all the friends, since it was a holiday week from school, so they're having it this Friday instead :)

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