I recently came across the blog Big Bear's Wife as she was having a giveaway to raise money for the Light the Night Charity Walk.  This charity raises money for Lukemia research.  If you'd like to help out, here are the details:

Every year my family and I along with a few friends, walk in the local Light the Nigh Charity Walk for the Lukemia and Lymphoma society.

We started walking with Light the Night in memory of Robin Mantilia-Timmes (Nicole's mother - Nicole is one of my best friends) in 2009 and in 2010 added Joe Hill to the list and walked in honor of Joe Hill (a family friend, 13 years old) as well.

This year we are walking in honor of both Joe Hill and Robin Mantilia-Timmes.

On these nights, thousands of participants carrying illuminated balloons, walk and raise funds for vital, lifesaving research and patient services.

We are fighting for a cure for Lukemia.  We are walking for a cure for lukemia.  Help support us!

Here is our donation page
And here is my charity page on my site!

Thank you so much!

Angie Barrett


09/13/2011 06:36

thank you so much for posting about this!

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