Today I'm linking up with the Cold Hands Warm Hearts swap.  I got really into swapping this winter, obviously, but I couldn't be more thrilled.  I was paired up with SassyRae Expressions and oh wow did she send me a great package! Check it out:
Super cute warm mittens/gloves, amazing fuzzy socks (I've just been lamenting the demise of at least half of my fuzzy sock collection), a gorgeous picture frame, and a sweet little desk calendar that she made herself.  Oh yes, and a yummy Hershey kiss in the shape of a Santa hat - but clearly it didn't last long enough to photograph ;)

She also made these amazing gift tags for each of my surprises:
And the accessories have gone a LONG way toward helping me with my "pretty my room" project:
I really will get around to putting a photograph in that frame - promise.   If you want to check out more of her stuff (and you should, it totally makes my "stuff I love" list) you can find her at her blog and at her shop.  Thanks again, Megan!  Now I truly do have warm hands and a warm heart!


12/15/2011 13:42

So so happy you enjoyed your package! I didn't think the chocolate would last very long!! I know it wouldn't in my house :) Enjoy the warmth!! Wonderful swap!

12/15/2011 15:45

love the gloves and that frame!! so fun! thanks for participating! :D

01/04/2012 02:26

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