Hi all.  Today I am issuing you a challenge.  I posted here not that long ago about the differences between my dream house, and my real house.  And while I've made peace with most of my mess and clutter, frankly, my basement bedroom is getting kind of dreary.  Not only is is fairly dark, but now that it's winter, our little concrete box of a room is cold!   I find myself longing to move back into our old master bedroom with the tray ceiling, warm carpets and window that actually let in light.  However, baby girl needs that room now, and we're hoping not to be in this house TOO much longer.  So here's the challenge.  This is what my bedroom looks like now:
Ugh.  Not very welcoming, eh?  What I want is a super low-budget makeover.   I don't want to spend a ton when I'm just going to be moving out soon (I hope).  And I want to keep things fairly neutral for the next owners.  Other than mudding and taping and then painting the walls - I'm kinda stumped.  How do I make this space pretty without spending money?  This is where you come in.  I would LOVE to hear your ideas.  Did you see an awesome DIY on Pinterest that you think could work here?  Link me to it!  Did you run across a dirt cheap lamp or rug or anything online that you think might look cute?  Give me details!  Do you have a killer knack for decorating and/or organizing and have some tips for dressing up a space?  Please jot them down! 

I have seriously come to dread bedtime because I don't want to go back to my box.  I used to look forward to relaxing in my cozy room.  Not so much now.  So any help or advice you might have is mighty welcome.  I am grateful to all of you! 

And when this is over and I've given my room some TLC I'll be posting a before and after.  If I've used your tip, I'll be giving you credit!  I may even have a little reward for the most helpful commenter.  Thanks a bunch everyone!


12/08/2011 13:15

I find it best to start with a cozy bedspread and linens and move out from there. Marshalls and TJ Maxx have really seasonal ones right now for very low prices, and so does Target. Throw in some vibrant pillows and a rug, and you will instantly warm up the place in a budget friendly way!

Dawn Riley
12/09/2011 11:24

You could use old sheets that dont have stains on them to liven up the walls and windows. Any Salation Army place has sheets that would work. Just grab the ones that the elastic has gone out on them.

12/09/2011 12:53


This is a cute, cheap way to make over a lampshade if you have any type of lamp down there.

12/09/2011 12:57

Pictures...blow up some pictures of your kids and do a fun wall collage. Wal-Mart has some 8X10 frames for $3. It's also cute if you don't have a heardboard to put up one of those fancy curtain rods and tie ribbons on it, then drape a long piece of ribbon behind pictures hanging on the wall. Ribbon by the roll is usually half off at Hobby lobby and you could get some really wide ribbon that would make your room feel more homey :)

12/09/2011 13:42

If it were me I would cover the walls first off. I would buy plain curtains and paint them either by using a stencil or even taping them off in a pattern of your choice. You could really brighten the room by choosing a fun bright design, like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/270436409/. (pinterest shows lots of others, type in painting curtains in search) I would also store some of the computer items with dollar store storage bins and paint the desk a white or bright color. All of this can be done very cheap, especially if you can find the curtains at a thrift store & check Habitat For Humanity or the 'Oops' section at hardware stores for paint marked way down. If you were to spend much money, I would do it on the bedding because you can use it when you do get a new place.

12/14/2011 21:01

The best thing to do with a small, cold area is to make it look inviting. After the initial prep of sealing off draft areas, mudding and taping, is to choose a color that is calming yet cheerful. If it were mine I'd use a sky blue theme. It's neutral and uplifting. To save money use spray paint on the concrete walls. Be sure you use light coats. It creates a "stained" look rather than a painted finish. AND it's a lot cheaper than stains or paint. Next, find cheap window treatments that would blend well with the color (like a slightly darker blue) at either Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Habitat for Humanity stores (as suggested by another). Also measure the fuse box and get something that would fit over top of it but still allow easy access to cover it up. It could be something that gives you a space to put paperwork so it's up and off the desk. I'd probably re-stain the desk too but look for discount stain. At Habitat and other places look for a cheap but descent carpet to lay on the floor that would help pull the room together, like matching the color with the curtain (which is slightly darker blue than the walls). Then pick out a nice bedding set, with bed skirt included, to draw you in. Get some nice throw pillows to top off the look. Definitely go without a headboard, instead just get a nice little bed stand and place a lacy doily on it with an accenting lamp. Always be sure to use colors that will accent. When done, the effect you are looking for is when you enter your bedroom that the bed invites you to snuggle in. I've watched a lot of DIY shows as well as grew up in a constantly improved one room school house (with 5 older siblings). I've seen many transformations over the years first hand and my parents always did it on a low income budget. Good luck to you on which ever style you end up going with.

12/30/2011 18:38

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