Olivia by Ian Falconer is a favorite in our household.  The kids love the Olivia books because they are colorful, energetic and all about a spunky (and sometimes troublesome) little pig.  I love the books because they remind me that kids will be kids and it's best to look at their antics with a good sense of humor.  When my kids are acting up, it's a headache.  When someone else's kids are acting up, it's good literature.  Olivia's creativity is inspiring for my children, and it reminds me that kids need freedom to be creative.  Even if it lands them in their rooms while Mommy scrubs the walls.  This series is ever expanding as Olivia gets herself into all kinds of new mischief.  We can't wait to see what she's up to next - can you?


09/16/2011 05:17

We have LOVED Olivia from the first time we read this book almost eight years ago. The TV show is totally adorable - but nothing comes close to this masterpiece of clever children's literature. LOVE IT!

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