Welcome to our inaugural Tuesday Top 5 link-up.  Every Tuesday I will be posting my top 5 something and inviting you to link up with your top 5 on that topic, too.  This week, we're talking top 5 actors.  Whether that's 'top 5 best actors' or 'top 5 hottest actors' or 'top 5 actors you want to look like' etc is totally up to you!  I'm linking up with my top 5 below (the holidays just ended, so yes, I'm cheating and using a past post).  Feel free to link up, or just leave your list in the comments section.  Looking forward to seeing who makes your list!


01/03/2012 17:26

Hmmm...my top five would have to be: 1.) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 2.) John Krasinski, 3.) Justin Timberlake, 4.) Ian Somerhalder, and 5.) Harrison Ford (when he was young)

Oh, and those would be my top five actors to look at. Haha. My sister-in-law actually had a bit part in a movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt years ago. It was called Manic. lol

01/04/2012 16:54

Oooh! JGL is a close contender for my list. Some days he's on it and some not. How awesome that your SIL was in a movie with him! When I was an acting student in college I used to dream about doing a movie with him :) Great list!

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