Now that I'm finally done having kids, I'm trying to shed the last of those post-baby pounds.  I'm sure quite a lot of you, like me, have some weight you'd like to lose.  And perhaps, like me, you need some encouragement.  So - I'm going to be hosting a weekly link-up - Think Thinner Thursdays!  We can all link up this week's post about our weight-loss journey.  You don't have to link up every week, but it's a chance for us to keep track of, and encourage each other as we're all trying to think a little thinner. Please be sure to follow and comment on at least a few other blogs -  get to know the girls (or guys) there and bring them some encouragement.  You can post about anything weight-loss related at all.   I'll usually be doing a brief intro, then linking up with my weight-loss blog here.  But for today, here's my story:
When I was a sophomore in college, I bit off a little more than I could chew - figuratively speaking.  I was stressed to the max, and dealt with it by controlling my intake of food - or lack thereof.  For most of college, I weighed 95-100 lbs.  I look at these pictures now and just cringe. 

When I had kids, however, I gained a lot of weight.  By the time I hit 9 months with my third baby I was almost 70 lbs heavier than my college weight.  And the weight has been sloooooow coming off.  I was never really into exercising, and since I know that starving myself isn't healthy (and is also impossible when I'm in my kitchen all day), I'm having to re-learn weight-loss all over again. 
Today I'm around 125 lbs.  It's not bad, but I'd like to lose another 15 lbs.  Especially now that we're watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I spend an hour a night staring at this girl.  I've set my goal for New Years 2012.  We'll be seeing our friends from college, and I'd like to be looking thin again.  But this time, I want to do it the right way.  I've got a copy of 30 Day Shred, and I have an elliptical  - I want muscle and endurance, not skin and bones.  So, we'll see how it goes. 

My goals for this week are:
1) Get the tortillas out of the house.  My daily cheese quesadilla habit is NOT helping me lose weight.
2) Work out for at least 20 minutes every day, even if it's just chilling on the elliptical while I watch tv.
3) Make one healthier choice per day - doing extra sit-ups, skipping chocolatey desserts, adding extra veggies - anything at all.

And that's it.  Hope you'll join me in the link up and feel free to comment with your best 'get fit' advice!!


10/06/2011 08:07

Following you right back from Tag Along Thursday! I love this link up party you are starting. I just wrote a post on Tuesday about my top 10 reasons to get back on track. :-) Once I get through our upcoming move, I am so joining in with you!!

10/06/2011 19:36

Girl, you are awesome! I know you can do it. I can totally relate too. But with discipline it is sooo possible!


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