It's Think Thinner Thursday again.  How is your journey coming?  Have any great new advice for us this week?  Remember, you can link up any post that is weight or health related at all.  I've linked my most recent post - no more juice fast, but I've got some new resolve.

This week I have a challenge for you.  As the temps fall out there, I'm going to want lots of hot, comfort foods.  And what is more comforting than a steaming bowl of soup?  Too bad most of my favorites have the word "cream" in the title.  So, I want to know - what is your favorite broth-based soup recipe?  It could be chicken noodle, it could be some type of chili, it could be a creamy butternut squash (as long as the cream comes from the blender and not milk).  Anything without dairy will do.  Post it in the comments, or link up a recent blog (put your soup name in your link title).  Either way, lets share the healthy, hearty love!


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