It's that time again!  How is your weight-loss journey coming?  I've had a bit of a struggle the last couple of weeks and I posted about it on my weight loss blog which I will be linking up.  Feel free to link a post from any time in your last week.  And don't forget to give each other encouraging comments - it's great to have support on your journey! 

*Note: you can post anything weight-loss related - this doesn't have to be just about your weight-loss journey.  Did you write a post with diet tips?  Workout ideas?  A funny anecdote about body image


10/13/2011 22:07

I don't currently have a link relating to my weight loss journey, but I will say that the last three weeks have been successful! I've lost 5lbs in the past three weeks and am currently only 7lbs from my pre-baby weight, which is very motivating :) I will try to link up next week with a post.

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