This past holiday was filled with swaps of all kinds.  Gloves, gifts, shop items and miscellany.  I'm beginning to think that I participated in just about all of them.  And I had a blast!  Not only was it fun to get treats in the mail, but I was also able to swap for some really useful services from other shops and blogger.  I had so much fun, that I want to make this a regular event!

Therefor, on the first Friday of every month, I'll be hosting a swap linkup.  I'm going to attempt to keep it open all month (or as long as the linky tool will let me) so that everyone who wishes to participate can. 

On all the odd months, we'll be swapping goods - Christmas presents you didn't love, surplus items from your shop, crafting supplies you no longer need, clothes you are tired of (but are still in good shape), books you've finished reading, brand new toys your kids refuse to play with - pretty much anything goes!

On all the even months, we'll be swapping services - sponsor buttons on your blogs, blog design editing, guest posts, product reviews, shop promotion - pretty much anything you can do for someone else. 

The only rules are:

1) Keep it Legal - please don't offer to swap anything untoward or illegal
2) Keep it Nice - it's ok to say no to a swap offer, just do it tactfully
3) Keep it Fair - don't ask someone to swap a $40 necklace for a bag of M&Ms.   Make exchanges equitable. 

How it Works:
1) Take pictures of all the things you want to swap.
2) Write up a nice post showing them off and describing them.
3) End your post with a list of things you're interested in trading for (yes, it's ok to just say 'send me an offer')
4) Leave your contact info somewhere easy to find - or specify that all offers should be made in the comment section.
5) Link up here with your post - include a snippet of what you're offering in your title if there's room.
6) Search other posts for things you want.
7) Get in touch and start swapping!

That's it!  I'll have my post up in a day or two - I'm sure it's going to be chock full of fun things (we're doing spring cleaning a little early around here).  I hope you'll join me!!

Also, please include this button in your post so that everyone can participate.  Thanks y'all!!


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