If you haven't signed on for this swap, but would still like to swap for something on my blog - feel free to contact me! 

Here are the things I'm offering up:

1) Clothes -
3 vintage flowered skirts, 2 J Crew skirts, 1 Old Navy puff vest, 1 frilly skirt
2 denim jackets (1 J Crew, 1 Gap), 1 grey sweater, 1 Bebe red shirt, 1 red chord shirt
I can send more detailed pictures of anything you'd like.  Willing to swap as a lot or individual items.  (all clothes are around size 4/6)

Also, various 3-9 month baby girl clothes, mostly summer dresses and onesies (ask me for pictures)

2) The following dvds:
The Shape Of Things
Fusion Pilates: Exercise with Baby
House of Flying Daggers
Top 10 Christian Music Video Hits
Jeeves and Wooster season one

3) I have two etsy shops.  Mimi Baby Boutique sells jewelry and Big Red Kite sells appliquéd items and prints.  Have a look around, I'm willing to trade just about anything in them.

4) 150x150 sponsor slots on this blog, a product review, a guest post or a giveaway slot.

What I'm Looking For:
1) Shoes in size 7-8.  Especially fun boots, funky heels or fun sandals.
2) Kids' clothes in sizes 3T and up (for boys and girls)
3) Ad space on blogs (for my shops or my blog, whatever works for you)
4) Design expertise.  I'd really like to tweak my blogs/buttons and could use some help.  I blog in Weebly and don't know the html well - looking to expand my margins, clean up my sidebar, and get some really professional looking buttons for both this blog and my shop blog. 
5) Felt in all colors (at least 8x10 sheets)
6) Whatever you have that you think I might really like.  I'm open to suggestions.  I don't really need a lot of "stuff" - but you never know, I might just say "Oh!  I've been searching for that!"

Thanks all!!


12/01/2011 15:06

OH!! I LOVE this collection!!! :) I might be iterested in that Jeeves & Wooster just waiting to hear back from my mom to see if they already have it. I LOVED that show as a kid and my big sister read all of the books.
I'm sure I've got some clothes in your size - let me poke about in my closet and see what I've got.
I would also LOVE to help you with your blog design :)
Please send me your email address mine is faith.raider@gmail.com

12/01/2011 15:54

i haven't had a spare moment to post my stuff but i would love to swap ad space with you. i so 100 x300 ads only.
let me know

12/01/2011 19:04

if the offer stands for bartering something on your etsy page, i LOVE your birdsnest necklace. i could offer you ad space on my blog (150x150.) i average 600 hits a day/16,000 a month. you can check out my blog and let me know, if you'd like. :)

haha...actually i also want your j crew skirts and jean jacket as well. i think i need to get on the ball and post some of my own stuff so i actually have stuff to barter with!

iris jones
12/02/2011 22:24

well i have a sandals size 8, boots eight, brown, beige, i like your skirts im size 7/8, shoes we are the same sizes, and i have clothes for kid 12 years.

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