SIL: Pajama Time


It's getting cold out there.  We finally broke down and turned our heat on about a week ago.  Brrrrr.  And when it's cold out, all I want to do is throw on some cozy flannel pajamas and snuggle down under cozy flannel sheets.  And where do I go for cozy flannels?  Target!  I've been a HUGE fan of Nick and Nora flannel pajamas for years now.  Not only do they fit me just right (I'm really short, but the pants don't drag), but they are super duper soft and stand up to a lot of washing.  I've had other brands of pajamas fall apart on me quickly - the buttons fell off or stopped staying buttoned, the edges frayed, they faded quickly, etc.  But all of my Nick and Nora pajamas have held up to constant wear and washing and still look awesome.  And they come in so many cute prints!  I just bought this pair of pink and blue reindeer pajamas and I also have a pair of purple owl jammies from last season.  They have everything from sock monkeys to puppy dogs to playful paisley - something for everyone.  They even sell separates and nightgowns for those who aren't a fan of the thick coat-set type.  So if you're facing the winter weather and need some new pajamas to get you through, head over to Target and check these out (and don't forget to test out the flannel sheet sets while you're there - holiday prints run around $30 for a King set - amazing!).  Stay toa


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