It's that time of year.  I've got the windows open with a chilly breeze blowing through my house and all I want to do is run to my kitchen to cook up warm, savory fall dishes.  Fortunately, I have The Farm Chick's In The Kitchen.
This cookbook is chock full of warm, delicious comfort foods.  Everything from cinnamon rolls, to hashbrown casserole, to garlic chicken pizza - even this gorgeous spinach, beet and feta salad:
Doesn't it just look delicious all cozied up to that creamy butternut squash soup?  Pardon me while I drool...

Not only are all the dishes in this cookbook incredibly tasty, they're also incredibly easy to make.  If I can pull off a decent cinnamon roll, it has to be super simple to bake.  AND the book is sprinkled with tutorials for all kinds of homemade gifts.  Take your neighbor some apple pie and a hand-stitched scone-cozy.  Whip up some sweet potato soup in your new appliquéd apron. Deck out your other favorite cookbooks in some faux-vintage covers. 

This is a cookbook I run to time and again - especially when I know I have company coming or potluck in my near future.  Have a peek, whip something up and it just might become one of your all-time favorite, too!


10/17/2011 21:10

I just saw your guest post on Mommas Like Me and was stopping by to say hi! I'm your newest follower too! :) Have a great day! xo, Reannah

10/17/2011 21:24

Thanks for the rec on this cookbook! I'm always looking for great new cookbooks :)

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