Have I mentioned that I love love love my double stroller?  Because I do.  The last couple of days I've been without it (why?  because I'm just that distracted and totally forgot to put it back in the trunk of the van *sigh*).  And let me tell you, it's been harrowing. 
    When I don't have my stroller, I have to carry the not-yet-walking baby in my arms, hold one toddler by the hand while he holds his brother with his free hand, and balance any bags/purses/misc items on my shoulder and pray they don't slip.  At the doctor's office I couldn't put baby down for a second because I didn't want her getting germs all over.  Which made for interesting juggling when I had to retrieve items from my purse, help big brothers get their stickers and put away the chairs we'd dragged over to the tv.  At the store I had to chase two wild kiddos and return all the merchandise they were tossing willy-nilly into the cart.  At the library and the park I'm still not sure how I got all the kids and the books and the shovels and everything else out of and into the car.  Whew.
    My Graco Duo Glider double stroller makes my life infinitely easier.  It has two cushy seats for my younger kids to sit in.  Both seats have umbrellas to keep the sun out of their eyes.  The back seat even reclines and accommodates a Graco car seat which is perfect for smaller babies.  And with the snack-tray attached to the front seat the stroller has room for two bottles or sippy cups, two snacks, and a copious amounts of diapers, purses, changes of clothes, library books, groceries, toys, trash or whatever else we need to stash in the roomy basket beneath.  My boys fight over who gets to ride in the front (baby always has the back) and who has to *groan* walk everywhere.  I have a feeling that once she takes her first steps, baby is getting the boot. 
    Not only is the stroller comfy and roomy, but it handles amazing well.  It can take gravel and curbs without too much jostling, it folds up quickly and easily (though I've yet to master the one-handed fold), and it's light enough that even I can hoist it into my van.  Truthfully, it doesn't take up much more space that my single stroller did, and it fits through tight store aisles easily. 
    I fully admit that I'm nuts to attempt to go anywhere with all three of my kids in tow.  But sometimes it's just necessary, and when it is, I am eternally grateful for my awesome double stroller that helps me keep my kids safe and my hands free so I can get in, get out, and get it all done!


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