Pretty much every year for Christmas and/or my birthday, my wishlist is topped with Fuzzy Socks.  I'm very cold natured and in winter I need a nice, thick, warm pair of socks to keep my icy toes from freezing right off.  So every fall I unwrap several pairs of footwear - and every spring I wind up tossing them in the scrap pile.  Why?  While nice warm socks are cozy, they aren't very durable.  At least, not the super-soft chenille sort that are all the rage these days.  But my days of tossing socks like tissues just might be over!

I'd forgotten that I have an 'in' with the sock industry, who had seen my Facebook complaints and knew my birthday is upcoming.  My sock drawer is now stocked with these babies:
Cute, right?  Not only are they stylish, but they are super high quality!  These socks from DeFeet are thick, warm and sturdy!  They even have a little extra padding in the toes, which is comfy and will protect against the big toe's propensity to make a run for it and bust right through (which happens on, well, most of my socks).  They are a little pricey, but considering that you won't have to replace your entire stash every year, you'll really save in the end.

DeFeet offers socks in 35 different styles!  The Woolie Boolie socks would be great for wearing outside while shoveling snow or ice skating.  The Aireators are more breatheable for every day wear.  The Levitator is great for runners and cyclists.  There are even lines for skiiers, kids and hikers.  With a sock for every occasion - what's not to love!  I'm sure I'll still have socks at the top of my list - but just because there are so many styles to choose from, not because they've worn out.

Note:  I was not directly compensated for this post.  I simply loved my gift so much, I felt I needed to share.


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