There's a growing controversy over the safety of crib bumpers for babies.  Traditional pillow-like bumpers not only pose a suffocation hazard for babies, but once a baby is mobile enough to need the bumpers, they can be used as an aid for climbing out of the crib.  For this reason, we initially decided to forgo bumpers entirely for our first baby.  However, as soon as he learned to crawl, he was continually getting his poor tiny legs stuck in the crib slats.  He was very squirmy in his crib, and loved to stand at the end and shout for Mommy when he woke up.  But 5 times out of 6, he'd get his knee wedged in the crib rails so badly that I often had to use baby oil to get him out. 

Finally, we found the Breathable Baby crib shield. These bumpers are made of mesh, so baby won't smother.  And, they wrap all the way around the top rails of the crib, so baby can't use them as a step (and it prevents chewing on the top of the crib rails).  These bumpers are sturdy (they've held up through three babies) and washable (we've had poopy incidents) and are easy to install.  Best of all, these bumpers now come in several stylish shades and patterns to match almost any nursery. 

If you've got a squirmy baby and are worried about safety, I highly recommend giving this site a look. 


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