SIL: Babylegs


We have a crawler in our house.  She desperately wants to walk, but she's just not there yet.  However, she crawls like the wind and rarely stops to sit.  At home, on the carpet, it's not a big deal.  But as much as baby loves to crawl, she loves to be outside.  And grass and concrete can do evil things to sweet, soft baby knees.  Therefore, I am addicted to babylegs.  In the summer, my kids live in onesies.  They're easy to wash, easy to put on, and nice and cool (it gets hot hot hot here).  So I keep a pair (or two) of babylegs in my purse and I'm ready for an impromptu trip to the park or a playdate at an uncarpeted home.  I've even lent my babylegs to other babies so they didn't have to miss out on the fun.  They also come in handy at stores and restaurants that are unexpectedly cold.  Or as an extra layer under pants and dresses when the weather turns chilly.  And the best part is - you don't have to remove them for diaper changes!  I've even been known to slip a pair on my own arms when I'm chilly and without a jacket.  There are so many uses for babylegs that I definitely stock up any time there's a sale.  There are several different manufacturers of baby legwarmers - even tutorials online of how to make your own!  I don't spend a lot on baby accessories, but these are one item I am more than willing to shell out a little money for.  My baby's sweet knees are scratch-free, and they look super stylish, too!


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