My two older kids used a bottle until they were past two years old.  I know, I know - the doctor said "no bottles past 15 months" - but my boys simply refused to drink out of sippy cups! I tried just about every kind I could find, from spouts to straws.  Here's proof:
    Those are just some of the failed sippies we garage-saled this summer.  Our kids hated them all.  Eventually I found a simple, cheap straw cup that my oldest son would use (when we finally took his bottle and he decided it was better than dying of thirst).  But when he got upset, he chewed on the straws.  And before we knew it, the straws were full of holes.  Not to mention their tendency to erupt Vesuvius-like when left out on a counter or table (or in the car, or on the furniture, or in the bed...). 
    Our second boy hated those bottles, too.  We managed to get him one Nalgene bottle that he'd drink from occasionally, but he mostly liked to tip it upside-down and watch the little trickles of water pour out the spout.  And when we decided that it was time to drink from a cup, we thought we'd try these OXO trainer cups:
Nope, no good.  My boys only wanted to drink from 'big boy' glass cups and would either spill these or fill them with their vegetables.  Another cup relegated to the garage sale pile. 
    Then we stumbled upon Kleen Kanteens.  Turns out their sports cap bottles are exactly what my boys needed.  They are sturdy enough to survive a fall from the deck, they come in lots of colors (so each boy knows which is his bottle), and they are stainless steel, so I don't worry about cheap plastic leaching anything.  Even baby girl loves her mini kanteen and she is slowly starting to wean herself from her bottle.  LOVE it.  I just wish I hadn't wasted all that money on the other sippies.  I know that each child is different and that trial-and-error is necessary to some extent when searching for the right cup.  But I've got to admit, it's one expensive journey that I am thrilled is over!  So let us know - what sippy cup did your kids take to the best?


10/25/2011 12:11

Mine are also 'bottle-hounds', so I go cheap on the sippy cups. Target has a good one for about a buck. Then when they need to be thrown out or we lose a part, it's not a big loss money-wise.

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