I posted on our facebook wall yesterday about our super nutritious, delicious dinner:  Hot-dogs and fried squash.  Ok, so maybe it's not super nutritious - but it is delicious.  And my kids did actually eat some veggies.  Since some people were curious about fried squash, I thought I'd post the recipe here.  Note: This can be made with any kind of slice-able vegetable (carrots, zucchini, summer squash, peeled and soaked eggplant, cucumbers, etc). 

Fried Veggies

All-purpose or rice flour (if you're gluten-free)
thinly sliced vegetables
canola oil

Heat 1/2 oil in large skillet.  Toss sliced veggies and flour in gallon-size plastic bag until veggies are well coated.  Dunk veggies in beaten egg, then dredge in cornmeal.  Fry in hot oil (I set my flat-top stove at 3-4 so I don't burn things) until coating is crispy and just brown.  Drain on layers of paper towel.  Repeat until all veggies are fried.  Serve with ketchup, BBQ sauce, or marinara for dipping.  Quantities of ingredients will vary depending on amount of veggies cooked. 

Note: You can add seasonings to the cornmeal before coating veggies if you want to enhance the flavor of the dish. 


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