We are big fans of Sandra Boynton in our house.  (Ok, correction, the kids and I are big fans - hubby thinks she's too 'cutesy' - but we have a whole stack of Berenstain Bears for him).  Not only is she a prolific writer, but her characters are engaging, her rhymes are catchy and fun, and her books are the perfect size (and sturdiness) for tiny hands.  The Going To Bed Book was a bedtime staple for my kids for a long long while.  They loved to see other kids going through the same bedtime routines they did.  The books have helped my kids learn colors, opposites, routines and animals, among other skills.  AND she doesn't just write books.  You may have read my post about how much I love her family calendar.  It is the one thing I depend upon to keep me organized and to get us where we're going on time.  Oh, and did I mention her music cds?
    Her adorable stories and rhymes have been set to music and performed by some incredibly talented, incredibly famous people (think Kevin Kline, Laura Linney, Scott Bakula - please tell me I'm not the only Star-Trek-watching mama out there...).  If you're into more contemporary tunes, check out Dog Train featuring the likes of Hootie and the Blowfish, Five for Fighting and 'Weird Al' Yancovich. 
    Our very favorite cd is Grunt: Pigorian Chant- an entire album of calm, soothing chants sung in - what else - pig latin.  If you're not paying strict attention, you just might miss the "e-i-e-i-os" and think you were listening to the real thing!  I love how much it calms down my kiddos before bedtime - and the included book of 'translations' is pretty hilarious as well. 
    My kids' Christmas lists are still full of her books and cds and we're adding to our collection regularly.  They were great 'on the potty' reading for my oldest and we even have a scrub-able Sandra Boynton book to take in the bath!  Her books and music are all, without a doubt, stuff I love.


10/03/2011 13:39

We love her books too! My kids have looked at them so often that they are falling apart.
And Scott Bakula does one of her songs? ::swoon:: I love Scott Bakula. Quantum Leap is my favorite. Have you seen Cats Don't Dance? He voiced the lead character in that. :)

10/12/2011 10:04

Pajama Time and What's Wrong Little Pookie? are a couple of our favorites. :-)

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