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I mentioned when I moved to this new site that Friday posts would be dedicated to deals and giveaways.  I'd like to change things up a little and make Fridays a little more 'anything goes.'  So from now on, I'll be varying my Friday posts.  Some might indeed be about good deals and giveaways.  I'm also planning to add interviews with some of my favorite vendors, articles I've found particularly poignant, opportunities for you to give back, and maybe a story or two from my own life now and then. 

I'll kick off this Friday with a fun giveaway:
The Shine Project is teaching us all to 'pay it forward' and raising money for kids in the process.  This website is giving away three of her Shine Project necklaces - a great daily reminder for us all to give back.

And on a less serious note, we've been holding our tri-annual garage sale this weekend.  So here are a few tips on how to be a bad garage sale customer:

1) When sorting through piles, toss everything aside in a big jumble and then walk away.  Return nothing to hangers and certainly don't refold clothes. 
2) Haggle prices down to nearly nothing.  Then pay for $2.50 worth of items with a $20 bill. 
3) Talk loudly about what terrible shape the items are in/how ugly the clothes are.  Then buy a large armful of them.
4) Park in front of the mailbox/trash can then look annoyed when the mailman/garbageman walks around your car to reach them. 


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