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so you could learn a little about the writer of this blog.  Here are this week's questions:

This Weeks Questions:
1. What cell phone do you have?
It's an LG Cosmos Touch.  No, it's not a smartphone so I can't install those fun little apps.  And no, I will never ever get used to the touch-screen thing.  Sorry for all of you whom I've pockt-dialed.
2. What is your area code?
It's a KS #, let's just leave it at that :)
3. What is one word you are uncomfortable with saying and/or hearing?
Unless it's referring to a cake (and even then, really), I just don't like the word 'moist' - it irritates me.
4. What is the time and temperature of where you are at right now?
Um - 1:26 (or so) and too-stinkin'-cold (esp with these KS winds!)
5. First word that comes to mind when you hear the word “Winter”.
6. Do you plan your meals or just eat whatever, whenever?
Oh I plan!  I'm even in the process of making myself a really pretty painted wall decoration with a verse on it, then a white-board grid where I can write out each meal for each day of the week and that day's chores.  I am SO excited.  That's not to say I don't still mix it up and sub in and out a bit, but I need to know what I'm cooking so I know how to shop - and when I'm really having a good week, I'll plan meals around what's on sale at the store (or what's in the freezer).  Otherwise, I spend way too much money (and too many calories) on Panda Express :p
7. What was one movie you saw recently where everyone said it was good but you thought otherwise?
Wow, I'm really not sure.  We don't watch very many movies, really.  We're mostly a 'watch some ancient tv show on Netflix while we work out at night' kinda couple.
8. Three words that would describe your mood today?
Tired.  Grateful.  Busy!
9. What room of the house do you usually use your computer in?
We keep the laptop on a shelf next to the kitchen most of the time - we have a very open floorplan so it's super accessible there.  I tend to bring it down to our bedroom at night, though, so I can wake up slowly while checking my email in the morning.
10. Name one thing on your mind right now.
Just one?  I'm currently rattling off the long list of other things I need to be doing during naptime (emails, laundry, working out, making some jewelry for the shop, cleaning something, thawing chicken, coming up with an afternoon craft for the kids) in my head while I type :S

And on that note - I'm off!


11/03/2011 13:48

Hi I'm a new follower from Tag-Along Thursday Blog Hop

11/03/2011 18:45

Thankx for linking up this week. I wish I could plan my days like that. It would be nice. But after working ten hours everyday, I'm too exhausted and mostly just the hubby calls me while I'm driving home from work to ask what we should get for dinner. Its so much chaos.

11/04/2011 13:54

Love your menu/chore board idea. Make sure to post pictures for us!

Your head seems as full as mine. I do one thing while thinking about 100 other things I need to do :)

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