My kids have funky but frugal style.  They don't care if I buy their clothes from Craigslist.  They don't care if the clothes have been handed down half a dozen times.  They don't care if I bought their shirts on clearance at the department store.  My kids do care if their clothes are fun!

Hats are a big thrill for the boys right now.  Almost any hat will do.  These boys will parade around the house in just their underwear as long as they have hats on their heads.  Construction hats, baseball caps, stocking hats with tails as long as the boys are tall.  Santa hats are not just for Christmas any more.   It doesn't matter if the hat is old and cracked, or faded and shrunk.  Every hat has a personality.  Every hat has a sense of play. 

And what hat doesn't need a great pair of shoes?  Big shoes, little shoes.  Tall boots or tiny flip flops.  Mommy's high heels or Daddy's tennis shoes.  Our boys cannot pass the shoe rack without donning a new pair.  Together the boys will play 'store' and sell each other mismatched getups that they'll proudly display to one and all. 

Bargain outfits are just fine for my kids as long as they can climb the jungle gym in them.  They insist that their pants have pockets to carry toys (or just to keep their hands warm), but aren't particular about brand or cost.  I imagine in the fall my kids will be heading off to school in their new school clothes accessorized with pieces from the costume box.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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