Before we had kids, I had a plan.  I knew exactly how far apart my kids were going to be.  I knew what schools they were going to go to.  I had a long list of lunches I'd lovingly pack, and songs I'd sing and activities I'd shuttle them between.  I knew exactly how they should be disciplined and I dreamed about family dinners with neatly scrubbed children sitting primly at the table devouring all the wholesome foods I made for them.
    And then our kids were born.  They were not 4 years apart, as I'd dreamed, but rather 17 months apart (yes, both sets).  I spent hours researching preschools, rarely have a plan for lunch, sing 'Skinamarinkadink' on repeat between all the playgroups and Kindermusic classes and little gym activites.  And my very loud, very dirty children rarely sit at the table long enough to get in a square meal.  I have become "that mom."

    I am the mom who is eternally running out the door 5 minutes late, with one shoe on and someone else's oatmeal on my shirt. 
    I am the mom who's hair is in a ponytail so often it's starting to fall out in clumps.
    I am the mom who's kids are throwing blocks at the library and shouting as they chase each other through the aisles of books.
    I am the mom whom strangers tell "Oh you're so brave!" or "Oh, you are crazy!" on every public outing with the children. 
    I am the mom who cries over commercials, magazine articles and a sweet afternoon at the park, but doesn't even wince when run over with a tricycle. 
    I am the mom whose kids eat food off the floor (or the lawn) yet are, remarkably, rarely ill.
    I am the mom who finds her car keys in the dryer and plastic dinosaurs in the fridge and someone's left shoe in the diaper pail.
    I am the mom whose life turned out 'all wrong,' and yet it could not be more right. 
    I am the mom who is greatly greatly blessed.

How about you?  Have you become "that mom?"


09/28/2011 09:17

LOVE this post! I am SO the mom who is ALWAYS running late no matter how early I get me and the girls ready.

This was my favorite, " I am the mom whose life turned out 'all wrong,' and yet it could not be more right. "

Definitely didn't turn out how I planned, but I wouldn't change it for the world! Thanks for linking up. :)

09/28/2011 12:34

Ahh! So true! I think I was the mom you are now when my kids were younger...I love those days and I still somehow wear their food on my shirt even though they're older! New follower by the way :)

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