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I had great intentions for getting through the holidays healthily and without adding pounds.  So much for good intentions.  I haven't gained much weight, but my healthy eating has been totally out the window.  With family in town and constant celebrations I feel like I've been living on junk food and restaurant food.  A trip to Panda Express used to be a special treat, but is now becoming a weekly habit.  And despite my best efforts to carefully plan this week's menu - you guessed it - we hit the drive-through for lunch once again.  Why?  Because it's cold and rainy out there and I did not want cold yogurt and fruit in my belly.  But that's what was on the menu. 

So I'm enlisting all of you to help.  Other than cans of soup, I'm pretty stumped on what to fix for a quick, hot lunch.  Anything I can make ahead and quickly reheat, or anything that can be thrown together in a pan rapidly are ideal options for us, as we're usually rushing home from an activity just in time to scarf down some lunch and head for naps.  I really think that having a hot, hearty, healthy meal on the menu will help me cut down on my fast-food habit (I used to swear I would never be a mom who relied on take-out.  *sigh*). 

I've added a link-up below where you can link to your favorite recipes (yours or your favorite go-tos).  Or, you can leave a quick description in the comment section instead.  Thanks a million in advance - my wallet and my waist will be grateful!


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