Yup - another swap.  This time I swapped over here at Sneakers Over Stilettos.  All the bloggy moms got paired off with other moms to send gifts to the bloggy babies.  What a fun swap!  Baby L's secret Santa was Marian and her daughter Sophia from over at My 2 Jobs.  And boy did baby L get spoiled!
She just loved her Dora pajamas and headed straight for them!
And this is a terrible picture, but aren't these hairbows (made by Marian herself) amazing!?  I tried to take pics of them in baby L's hair, but she's in the "tear them off and chew on them" stage.  Hoping we grow out of that soon - these are too cute!
And these toy keys are so awesome that she often has to wrestle them away from her big brothers just to get a turn.  (please excuse the dirty pjs - mama didn't open the package until after dinner...). 

A hearty thank you to Marian and Sophia.  Baby L loves her gifts!


12/22/2011 16:28

That face in the last photo is priceless! She looks so confused! Thanks for joining in the fun!! xo

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