Today I am pleased to introduce to you Kelly-Marie from Our Footprints On The World.  Doesn't she have the sweetest little boy?  Take it away, Kelly-Marie!
Tell us a little about yourself.
Hey I'm Kelly-Marie, mummy to my specail little guy Josh and wife to my best friend Matt. I love to blog and looove to take photo's of . . yes you guessed it, Joshy!!
I work part-time in a small Post Office in my village which I love, plus it's right across the road from where we live so I just kinda roll out of bed to get to work. I've always got my camera with me to capture the world around me to share with you guys.

Tell us a little about your blog.
You can find me over at Our Footprints On The World where I like to blog about everyday life and capture Josh growing up. Come say Hi sometime, we would love to hear from you!

What inspires your writing the most?
Joshua is what I mainly blog about, I started really getting into photography  but where life is so busy at the moment I have put it kind of on hold till after Christmas is over.

What is your favorite post item?
My favourite posts are the ones I do every month that are letters to Joshua about how he's growing up and learning new things.

What do you consider to be your biggest triumph.
Being a mummy to me is the most specail thing in the world.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Christmas Day is the best day of the year, we don't do alot but it's just so nice to spend together as a family and eat loads of junk food!

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us. 
I'm a nerdy Disney pin collecter ;) I have over 100 pins.

What is your best tip as a blogger?
Blog about something you love and blog for yourself don't become obsessed with collecting readers.

Hello Stuff I Love readers. I am Amber, the blogger behind Sneakers Over Stilettos. I am a fashion stylit turned photographer and Momma to Ethan and Peyton. I take way to many photos, love to get dressed up everyday, and basically just love to create things. Especially with Ethan and Peyton.
When Cat asked if I would like to write a guest post I thought I would write a tutorial on one of my favorite photography tricks. Free lensing is a fun way to create art with your photos.
You should know that free lensing is not for the faint of heart. But if you are adventourus like I am then you will love this!
Because free lensing involves detaching the lens from the camera I like to use a 50mm lens. Thats right you read right, detach the lens!
Step One: Focus on your Subject.
Step Two: Very carefully detach the lens from the camera.
Step Three: Slightly tilt the lens in any direction making one part of your photo in focus and the rest out of focus.
* When do this you want to still try and keep the lense as close to the camera as possible to prevent dust getting on to your shutter, and also trying to and not let a lot of light in the photo.
Here are some examples of free lensing that I have done.
The two photos on the left are my before photos, and the two on the right are the free lens shots.

One other thing I love about free lensing is how there is a slight curve or tilt shift in the photo. Making a little more unique then a standard photo shot with a prime lens.
Thanks for reading my free lens tutorial I hope you will come stop by my blog and check out some more of our adventures and photography!
xoxo Amber
Hey there! I'm Ashley. I love to create delicious gluten free & vegan desserts and recipes. You can buy mixes at Sugar Mama Bakeshop and they make perfectly sweet little gifts for anyone on your list! (Have you thought about teacher gifts? Best friend? Your grandma? The mailman?)
Baked goods make such a lovely gift and especially if you know anyone with a restricted diet (no gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, etc) I can promise you they will be thrilled to have holiday sweets they can actually enjoy :)
I am so thankful for so much right now it's crazy, but here's my top 3:
*A safe, warm place to call home. It isn't our first choice of a place to call home but I'm incredibly thankful for it. You can read more about that here if you're interested.
*Community. I have found such a wonderful, encouraging and supportive community through blogging and I'm extremely thankful for it!
*My sweet wonderful little family. This is Lily's first trip to the zoo... She's clearly not nearly as excited about it as mom & dad.
I'm offering 25% off your order with the code MERRYCHRISTMAS. Woo! OR get free shipping when you order 8 or more mixes! Just enter OVER8 at checkout! Also message me if you need them individually gift wrapped and I'll hook you up :)
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