I'm trying to move away from the sugary cinnamon toast my kids have become addicted to at breakfast time, so I thought I'd try protein-filled breakfast burritos instead.  My kids love things they can roll up and eat with their hands.  Unfortunately, gluten-free corn tortillas are too crumbly to roll up, so we wound up with 'casserole' instead.  My kids thought it tasted good, but they were pretty disappointed they didn't get to roll it.  Feel free to use flour tortillas instead and make these into actual burritos.

Breakfast Burrito Casserole

6 corn (or flour) tortillas
5 eggs
dash salt and pepper
1/2 cup black beans
6 tbsp salsa
2 oz cheddar or pepper jack cheese, shredded
1/2 cup avocado, diced
1/2 cup tomatoes diced

Shred tortillas and divide among 6 plates.  In medium frying pan, scramble the eggs with the salt and pepper.  Layer eggs over tortillas and top with black beans, salsa, cheese, tomato and avocado. 
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