I know we haven't officially passed Halloween yet, but the kids and I have already read all the Halloween books in the library (that weren't too scary) so we've moved on to Thanksgiving.  I'm amazed at how many truly lovely Thanksgiving books there are.  Here are a couple of our favorites:
Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes is a very sweet book of Thanksgiving rhymes.  The verses are short, but the pictures are playful and endearing.  The book follows a pair of children as they count their blessings on a Thanksgiving day.  This book is great bedtime reading for little ones.  My two year old asked me to read it twice in a row. 

The Thanksgiving Door by Debby Atwell is another precious book.  This story reinforces the 'meaning of the holiday' as a family who owns a restaurant welcomes into their private Thanksgiving feast an elderly couple who has burnt their own dinner.  At first grudging, the family learns to embrace and e


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