Our pick for book of the week this week is Mama Zooms by Jane Cowen-Fletcher.  In our household, we try very hard to teach our children to be accepting and loving.  And we want them to know that physical differences are part of what make us unique.  There is far too much bullying in the world now (well, any bullying is too much) and we don't want our children to be part of it.  To that end, we love to read them books about how people are different and why that makes them special.  Mama Zooms is an excellent book for this purpose.  It takes us through all the adventures a little boy has with his mother who happens to need a wheel chair.  He describes all the ways his mama 'zooms' him through the day and how precious his time with her is.  My kids not only adore this book, but they now think of wheel chairs as being very 'cool.'  We still teach them to be grateful for all the things their bodies can do for them, but we also want them to know that physical limitations don't limit who they are.  Mama Zooms is a beautiful story and I love reading it with my children.



09/29/2011 19:51

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