I've been doing lots of crafts with the kids lately to pass the time and keep them from getting cabin fever.  Since I'm not terribly creative on my own, I've been relying heavily on the craft books we've found at the library.  Many of the books feature products that are either expensive in terms of materials, or much much too complicated for my toddler and preschooler.  I just discovered, however, Christmas Decorations Kids Can Make but Kathy Ross.  Not only are all of these projects super simple and inexpensive to make (most use items regularly found in your home), but the end results are adorable!  I bookmarked just about every single page!  I am so looking forward to making these crafts with my kids to use around the house and to give away as gifts.  I know they're going to have a blast and won't get frustrated by complicated instructions.  And I love that I won't go broke on craft supplies. 


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