Our favorite book from the stack we brought home from the library this week is Bunny's Lessons by Harriett Barroux.  It's a simple story without much text, but the pictures are cute and, most importantly, it's a wonderful tool for teaching kids about emotions.  When Bunny's boy plays with other friends, Bunny learns about jealous.  When Bunny's boy leaves him behind, Bunny learns about lonely.  When Bunny's boy plays the tuba, Bunny learns about loud.  As Bunny experiences and deals with his feelings through interacting with his boy, our kids can learn how to describe and deal with their own emotions.  My kids asked to hear the story again, and I will gladly slip it into bedtime reading every night this week.  We talk about why Bunny is feeling the things he feels and remember times that we've felt the same way.  It's simple, but effective, and may wind up in our book pile again soon.


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