The past couple of weeks we've been reading lots of fall-themed books.  And since Halloween and Thanksgiving really are just around the corner, we've been focusing on those topics a lot. 
The Runaway Pumpkin by Kevin Lewis is one of my favorites.  Its lilting rhymes and rhythms are a lot of fun to read, and the colorful pictures are very engaging for squirmy youngsters like mine.  And who doesn't love a book that ends in pumpkin pie?
Arthur's Halloween by Marc Brown is a great story for children who might be a little spooked by the holiday.  In this story Arthur, who's very timid about the scary aspects of Halloween, winds up making a very mature and empathetic discovery in the end.  It's a familiar tale (the Berenstain Bears tell it almost exactly the same way), but has a surprisingly generous twist at the finish.
And last but not least is Dora's Thanksgiving.  My boys are a little Dora crazy at the moment, and they beg to have this book read repeatedly at bedtime.  They love to feel like they are a part of Dora's family and that they are welcomed at her Thanksgiving table.  And I love that my kids are learning a wee bit of Spanish as we read. 

We've pretty well cleaned out the fall section of the library the last few weeks, and these books are tops with us.  What are some of your favorites?


10/06/2011 08:36

I love Arthur books. I wish I had children to read them to. :)

Those books are adorbs! My Mia would love the Dora one. Thanks so much for joining in on the Tag-Along Thursday blog hop.

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