A House Divided


"And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand." Mark 3:25

    We're all pretty familiar with this verse.  There's a lot of truth to it.  And in general, it's used in reference to the members of a household.  But what happens when the home-maker is divided.  What happens when the mother is divided against herself.
    We live in a super-speed world.  One where we often feel the need to 'do it all.'  Run the home, keep a job, raise the kids, have fulfilling hobbies, look great, please everyone.  It can be exhausting.  But there's a problem with multitasking.  Instead of doing one or two things well, we often end up doing many things halfheartedly.
    I have to admit - I'm finding myself there now.  I know that my primary job is raising my kids and that my hobbies are blogging and making things for my shop.  But lately I've been acting like my kids are my hobby and my blog and my shop are my job.  My mind is in hyperspeed all day thinking about new blog topics, new crafts to sell, and new ways to market my struggling enterprises.  I'll stop mid chop and put down the knife to answer an email.  I'll give the kids an extra 15 minutes of nap time to finish up a project.  And in the background I can hear my conscience shouting "Hello! STOP!  Get your priorities straight!"
    I know that I need to put some things on the back burner and let them wait until I have more time - until all the kids are in school and I've got time to fill.  But when I have so many 'ideas' popping into my head, it's so hard not to rush off to execute them.  And part of me is afraid that if I slow down, I'll have wasted all the hard work I've put into things so far.  In the meantime, I have children who are crying for Mommy to play, for Mommy to read, for Mommy to teach.  I have crumbs on the floor and laundry needing attention (though, frankly, it would be that way no matter what).  I have things that need to get done regardless of what I wish I were doing.  And I missing out on the snuggles while they're still feeling snuggly.
    So here's my strategy to get back on track and stop stretching myself too far. I notice that when I'm divided, when I'm distracted, things get out of hand around here.

1. Get up a little earlier to blog.  Get it out of the way when my mind is fresh.
2. If I have an idea, write it down and file it away.
3. Don't start a new project till the old one is done.
4. No computer while the kids are around. 
5. Think of one sweet, special moment to share with the kids each day.
6. Get my new cleaning schedule down to a routine. 

That's it so far.  Do any of you struggle with this?  Do you have advice on how to balance family life and hobbies?  What's your take?


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