So yesterday was a crazy day and I just had to post.  I've been really excited that the holidays and my birthday are coming up because I might finally get a few of the silly little 'wants' on my wishlist that would make me feel so spoiled I could be a serious tightwad with my own money for a while. As most parents know, when you have kids, the first financial thing to go is the fun little splurges for Mom and Dad.  Which is totally fine - but then birthdays feel extra special.  ANYway, as it turns out, now the only thing that is on my birthday (and Christmas and every holiday for the next two years) wishlist is this:
A freezer-on-the-bottom fridge. (I especially love the snack drawer).  And why, might you ask?  Well, because my 3.5 year old has finally figured out how to open the baby gate on the kitchen.  And he gets hungry a lot.  And he likes to forage.  And he can reach every single shelf in our fridge even though he's still knee-height.  And yesterday I left the room for a moment to take a phonecall and returned to see this:
Yup - those are raw eggs.  On my couch.  Whah!?  Turns out the boys were feeling snack-ish and they LOVE hard-boiled eggs.  They just haven't learned the difference between a hard-boiled egg and a raw egg until they've started to peel them.  You'd think they'd have gotten the hint after the first egg or two, but nope, they went for the whole dozen.  And Mommy spent 40 minutes trying to salmonella-proof the living room.  And immediately scrapped the old wishlist and replaced it with the new.  Despite the mess I feel incredibly blessed that this is what I consider a rough afternoon.  In the grand scheme of things it means nothing.  I wasn't even mad at the boys - they were just as upset about not finding any boiled eggs as I was about the mess.  And it makes an excellent story for the baby books :)  So that was our afternoon - how was yours?


10/08/2011 00:49

Oh my gosh. I can't even imagine. Definitely a good story for the baby books...I am so impressed that you didn't get upset with the boys. And that fridge is a beauty!

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